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August Newsletter 2017


Welcome to Our August Newsletter


Did you know CCI now has a membership base with over 500 non-for-profit sites in South Australia, and expanding into Victoria?

Members include:
- aged-care,
- child-care,
- education,
- hospitals,
- disability,
- and community-based agencies

Our principle objective is to use the group purchasing power of our members to broker highly-competitive, preferred-supplier contracts.

CCI now has 20 suppliers with over 5000 contract lines. How many are you using?
Why not save your business more money and utilise all CCI contracts?
The more you use, the more you SAVE.
Time is money, CCI saves you time and valuable staff hours.

How much does tendering cost your business?
Let CCI do the hard work for you.

News From Our Suppliers


Australian owned and operated since 1943, PFD prides themselves on service and reliability, delivering to Foodservice businesses all across Australia.

Their online presence is continuing to expand and deliver 24-7 experience to their customers. Customers can search PFD's extensive item range, manage their own pantry lists, check stock availability and process their own orders.

Current Features:
- Realtime Pricing
- Multiple Search Capabilities
- Quick Order Option
- 12 month order and invoice history
- Pay online facilities
- User friendly
- Multiple chefs can order for the one account
- 15 handy turtorials showing how to with clear instructions
- View product images
- View product nutritional information

For more information please call:
John Goodes
SA/NT State Sales Manager
PFD Food Services Pty Ltd
Phone: 08 8150 6507
Mobile: 0418 807 480

Click here for PFD's latest specials

CCI have expanded the basket of goods for PFD which gives you a greater selection of products covered under CCI.

Along with this CCI have negotiated an overall price reduction across the board of 1.5%, effective from 25th of July 2017.

CCI continues to improve our cost savings and value adds for our members. Please look out for other value adds for our members in coming months.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact your PFD Representative or Contact Skye Hutchins, CCI Business Development Manager

Air Liquide

Air Liquide

Air Liquide Healthcare provides products and services in respiratory homecare & medical gases. With our international network, we provide the latest in technology and services related to our field.

SAFETY of your patients is your top priority

ACCREDITATION and regulatory bodies require medical facilities to ensure their equipment and medical devices are periodically serviced

COST MANAGEMENT and efficiency of your operations can be improved by checking your equipment performance and controlling your medical gas consumption

Our Direct Maintenance program is the solution to your needs:

Simple and convenient
Preventive maintenance and servicing procedures are performed at your facility according to manufacturers’ specifications.

Accurate and methodical
Highly qualified technicians conduct systematic and comprehensive inspection of the equipment to ensure a consistent quality of service. Customised and cost effective Service contracts include free of charge diagnostics of faulty equipment and loan units during repairs in our National Service Centres.

Focus on patient care and cost efficiency with TAKE02 innovative technology.

View the latest Air Liquide brochures:
- Maintenance brochure
- Take O2 brochure



For the past 50 years, South Australian-based meat and smallgoods supplier Holco has built an industry-leading reputation for superb products at competitive prices backed by outstanding customer service.

Click here to view Holco's August specials.

Flavour Creations

Flavour Creations

Did you know Flavour Creations has a Facebook page?

Follow Flavour Creations by clicking the ‘Like’ button on their Facebook page to receive special offers, hints, tips, and news about their innovative products and services.

Since the launch of Flavour Creations' Texture C cookbook ‘Shaped: Your essential guide to shaped cuisine’ late last year, Flavour Creations has documented the many successes their RAC clients have had with shaped on their Facebook page. From storage solutions to creative presentation ideas and menu planning to preparation tips, the Flavour Creations’ Facebook page brings smooth pureed food diets back to life.

Click here to view the Flavour Creations' Facebook page.

Flavour Creations



For the past 50 years, South Australian-based meat and smallgoods supplier Holco has built an industry-leading reputation for superb products at competitive prices backed by outstanding customer service.

Click here to view Holco's August specials.

Lion Dairy

Lion Dairy

We would like to highlight the value our suppliers add for our members. Not only have we negotiated special pricing, see below the additional value adds for our members:

Cold Chain Compliance
All of our milk distributors are audited and held accountable for delivering within strict temperature guidelines. Products are delivered straight from our depots to the customer without breaking the cold chain – something vitally important especially for the aged care sites.

Quality Control
As the manufacturer we have extensive quality control measures in place to ensure all products are produced to the strictest of standards. Milk is periodically taken from the production line for testing which means any issues with the end user can be traced back to time and day the product was made. Milk goes straight from the manufacturer to the customer which minimises the possibility of contamination.

Consumer Enquiries
A fully trained team of consultants is on hand to answer any questions covering a variety of topics including quality, accounts, credits, and any general business.

Credit Terms
CCI members currently enjoy the most generous credit terms available to a Lion Dairy customer – 30 days end of month. This means sites can enjoy up to 60 days credit before they need to pay for their purchases which in turn assists cash flow and the processing and payment of the account.

We have some of the most recognisable brands in the FMCG industry including PURA, Dairy Farmers, Farmers Union, Yoplait, Daily Juice, and Berri to name a few. We constantly invest in these brands to ensure they are up to date with the ever changing markets and consumer preferences. Brands are recognisable and are often linked to quality.

Inherent Goodness
We are proud to say we offer a balanced portfolio of products that make a significant contribution to the diet of Australians. Our milk, yoghurt, and cream provide the goodness of calcium as well as high quality dairy protein, while our juices are a good source of vitamin C.

Supporting SA Farmers
More than 99% of the fresh milk produced at our Salisbury factory comes from dairy farmers right here in SA. We currently purchase milk from more than 50 local dairy farms which in turn generates incomes for them and their families to invest back into in the SA economy.

Supporting Small Business
All of our milk vendors are small business owners who operate as independent milk distribution companies. The milk vendors are our way to market and often work 60+ hours per week, rising in the dark of the night and working until late afternoon. By supporting Lion your members are also supporting small business people who live in SA and who invest in the SA economy.




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