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July Newsletter 2017


Welcome to Our July Newsletter


Produce Report

Barker Boy Fresh

Product of the week: South Australian Grown Cauliflowers
South Australian grown loose Cauliflowers and Victorian grown Cauliflowers in cartons have increased in supply this week, offering good value and quality.

Fruit Report

Fruit Report

Berry Lines
The Queensland Strawberry season continues with good supplies now arriving. There are lighter supplies of Western Australian grown product also on offer. The South Australian Strawberry season has wound down with the other two states taking their place. Lighter supplies of Australian grown Blueberries continue with moderate supplies of Raspberries available this week.

Citrus Lines
Australian grown citrus products continue to be in the spotlight this week. South Australian grown Navel Oranges, South Australian grown Imperial and Clementine Mandarins are in good supplies coupled with Australian grown Lemons , Queensland grown Tangelos and lighter supplies of Ruby Grapefruit. Queensland grown Limes are currently in shorter supply.

Vegetable Lines
Spoilt for choice, there are numerous vegetable and salad lines available year round. Australian grown Iceberg Lettuce is in moderate supply, with Australian grown Cos Lettuce currently in lighter supply. Adelaide Hills grown Brussels Sprouts have increased in supply this week, with green and red now readily available. Australian grown Broccoli has also increased in supply this week, adding another variation to the menu. South Australian grown Carrots, Swedes, Turnips, Onion and Potato varieties remain “all-time favourites” offering solace to the cold wintry days.

Lion Dairy

Lion Dairy

Did you know:
- 9 out of 10 Australians do not consume the recommended serves of dairy
- Only 20% of people are aware they should be consuming 3 serves of dairy a day
- There are 8 essential nutrients that naturally occur in milk making it one of nature’s super foods

Click here to find out more in Lion Dairy's ‘Milk Loves You Back’ campaign.

Yoplait Smooth Yoghurt :
- Now 25% more fat
- No ‘bits’ so suitable for patients/residents with dysphagia
- Three flavours per carton of 48 units

Click here to view the full Yoplait Smooth product flyer.



Ch2 have a large range of equipment to offer CCI Members.

Click here to view the latest CH2 equipment brochure.

Staples Promotion


View the latest Staples product brochures:
- Business machines cashback promotion
- Lifepack
- Defibrillator infographic

CCI would also like to create awareness that Staples sell defibrillators, especially among our Aged Care Members.

Leading into the winter season I can only begin to imagine how busy you will be and thought about creating awareness surrounding heart attacks, Defibrillators, and how successful it is to keep one on hand in the workplace.

There are some interesting statistics within the infographic that really resinated with me and I can only hope that you will never have to witness a colleague, visitor or loved one suffer from a heart attack.

If you have any questions surrounding this or would like a special price please contact Deb at Staples.

Deb Stone-Martin
Enterprise Account Manager
Staples Australia Pty Limited
D: 08 8243 8643
M: 0402 251 104

Tip Top

Tip Top

With only 24 weeks left until Christmas, it's time to think Christmas puddings!

Tiptop Plum puddings are very popular in Aged Care and community Clubs leading up to Christmas time.

The product will be made with a 15 month shelf-life, which means any leftover stock can be used for Christmas in July next year.

The stock will be available to be delivered to CCI members late October and can be store in an ambient temperature, and does not need to be frigerated or store frozen.

All pre order stock can be ordered through their PFD Sale Representative.

View Tip Top Product Brochure

Kevin Saccone
State Account Manager SA / NT
T: 08 8208 0205
M: 0418 831 257
29 – 43 Gum Avenue Dry Creek SA 5094



The Miracle of Microfibre

Gone are the days of using old rags and sponges to clean hard surfaces. Today we use a variety of solutions including paper towel, tea towels, household cleaning nano fiber cloths and becoming more common, single-use disposable wipes.

There is however another more effective, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly option – the miracle of microfibre.

Click here to view the full article on Dominant microfibre.

Holco Specials


Click here to view Holco's latest meat specials for July.

PFD Foodservices


Following on from members feedback, CCI have expanded the basket of goods for PFD. Along with this CCI have negotiated a price reduction across the board. CCI continues to push for cost savings and value adds for our members.

Look out for other value adds for our members in coming months.

CCI Office Update


CCI is pleased to announce we have reached over 500 members, this significant milestone is testament to our core business of bringing cost savings and added value to the non for profit community.

Let CCI do the work for you!

Time is money, and CCI saves you time and valuable staff hours.
How much does tendering cost your business? Let CCI do the hard work for you.
Do you have a contract or supply item you would like CCI to tender for?
With more than 20 suppliers over 5000 contract lines CCI has your business covered!
Why not save your business more money and utilise all CCI contracts? Call us now to talk about how CCI can save you time and money.

Encouraging words from our members:

“CCI has helped us reduce our costs and improved our purchasing power in the current economic period”

“CCI saves us considerable time and money when it comes to purchasing and delivering quality products”

“CCI Purchasing takes the hard work out of researching the market”

CCI has commenced the development of member specific spend analysis reports on item supplied. These reports will be built and developed moving forward to review the cost savings to members. Please contact Skye Hutchins if you would like to know more about these reports and how they may assist you in planning your purchasing and managing your cashflow.

CCI would like to remind all members, that Supplier pricing is now available by contacting Skye at the details below:

Skye Hutchins
Business Development Manager
CCI Group Purchasing
57/55 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide 5006
P: (08) 83618842
M: 0447 773 601




CCI Group Purchasing
1300 559 318