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June Newsletter 2017


Welcome to Our June Newsletter


Lion Dairy

Milk Loves You Back

Lion Dairy has released a new campaign around the nutritional benefits of milk. It’s called ‘Milk Loves You Back’.

Visit to find out more.

Staples Embraces Diversity

Staples Diversity

Staples believes that the success of their organisation and the wider community depends on their ability to do business with diverse suppliers. That’s why they are dedicated to helping Indigenous businesses promote their products to Staples' customers..

Click here to read more about their commitment to making supplier diversity happen.

AdVital – Nutritionally Complete Powdered Supplement


Flavour Creations has now launched its new AdVital website. Visit now at to learn more about AdVital, browse over 50 delicious and nutritious AdVital recipes, enter AdVital promotions, and more. Sign up to the AdVital Newsletter by 20th August 2017 to win a $50 Coles Myer Gift Card and AdVital Prize Pack!

AdVital is a nutritionally complete powdered supplement specially formulated by an expert team of scientists and dietitians to improve your daily nutritional intake. Designed for food fortification and with a true neutral flavour, AdVital will mix quickly and easily into your favourite food and drinks without altering taste or aroma.

-High in Protein & Energy
-True Neutral Flavour
-28 Vitamins & Minerals
-Dissolves Quickly & Easily
-High in Calcium
-One Scoop per Serve
-High in Vitamin A, D & E
-Low GI & Low GL

For AdVital samples please email us at

Order AdVital today by phoning Flavour Creations on 07 3373 3000 or shop online at

CCI Specials


Please mention this special when ordering - 24th May 2017 to 30th June 2017 or until sold out.

Turkey Mince
(Frozen) 2kg - (ZTMI)

Crumbed Cooked Sausages
(Frozen) –50 per carton– (XBSKCC)

Tuna Patties
(Frozen) – 50 x 100g (XTP)

Vegetable Patties
(Frozen) -36 x 113g– (XVEG)

Sliced Virginian Ham
(Chilled) – 1kg pack - (XHVIS)

Bacon Rindless
(Chilled) 2.5kg - (XARBT)

Chicken Thigh Fillet Skin Off
(Frozen) 6 x 2kg – (ZCTHSF)- *carton buys only*

Chicken Breast Fillet Skin Off
(Frozen) 6 x 2kg – (ZCFISO) *carton buys only*


For all enquiries, please contact either Lisa, Michelle D, Trish, Brett, Liz, Penny, Damian, or Michelle G, by phone or fax:

Phone: (08) 8162 8466
Fax: (08) 8262 7265

Please visit for more information

Fresh Produce Update


South Australian grown Apple and Pear varieties are a huge focus in the fruit lines, with Fuji, Golden and red Delicious, Pink Lady, Jazz, Kanzi, Royal Gala, Granny Smith and lighter supplies of Jonathan Apples joined with Lemon Bergamot, Red D’anjou, Packham Triumph, Beurre Bosc and Corella Pears now on offer. One of the newer varieties of Apples, Western Australian grown, Bravo, is now also available.

Citrus lines becoming more available in South Australia this week. South Australian grown Navel Oranges, with the season now in “full swing” offer good supplies, along with Imperial Mandarins from Queensland are leaders in the fruit lines. Queensland and South Australian grown Lemons, Queensland grown Limes and light supplies of Australian grown Ruby red Grapefruit complete the citrus sector.

The Victorian Grape, Chestnut and green Kiwi fruit seasons also continue soundly, along with other fresh produce lines which have a shorter season, namely, South Australian grown Persimmons, Pomegranates, Feijoas and Kiwanis. Victorian grown Globe and South Australian grown Jerusalem Artichokes are now also on offer along with light supplies of Queensland grown Borlotti Beans.

Some fresh produce lines which tightened/continued to be in tight supply this week were, South Australian grown purple Eggplant, Roma Tomatoes, Strawberries, red Capsicums, Australian grown Blueberries and Raspberries, Cos Lettuce, hand and machine picked green Beans and Queensland grown seedless Watermelons. South Australian grown gourmet Tomatoes and Queensland grown Snow Peas also remained lighter in supply this week.

Other fresh produce lines which increased or remained in steady supply this week, were lines such as, Victorian grown Chestnuts, Queensland grown Imperial Mandarins, South Australian grown Navel Oranges, Australian grown Pumpkin varieties and Queensland grown purple Passionfruit. Other lines which increased in supply towards the end of this week, were, South Australian and Victorian grown Cauliflowers and Australian grown Broccoli.

Some exotic fresh produce lines available this week were:
- South Australian grown punnets of Pomegranate seeds
- Australian grown Apple Cucumbers
- Adelaide Hills grown Kalettes
- Light supplies of USA grown Cherries

For more information contact Ken Borg on 0408 434 801

Suez Community Grants Program


Applications for the 2017 SUEZ Community Grants program are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied, it has been great to see so many groups looking to make a positive impact in their community. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of this years program by 31 July 2017. Good Luck!

To find out more about Suez Community Grants, click here.

New Sandwich Thins from Tip Top


NEW Sandwich Thins from Tip Top are a deliciously different & lighter way to enjoy the pleasure and softness of bread.

Easy & versatile, each Sandwich Thin is pre-sliced. Each pack makes 6 sandwiches.

Available in 3 varieties:
- Original – a delicate fresh baked flavour
- Wholemeal – a rich wholesome flavour
- Seeds – a distinct and nutty flavour

Nutrition Per slice Per 100g
Energy (Cal) 99 246
Protein (g) 3.8 9.5
Dietary Fibre (g) 2.4 6.0
Sodium (mg) 145 363




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