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September Newsletter 2017


Welcome to Our September Newsletter


CCI would like to welcome our new General Manager Ellis Wilkinson With over 30 years’ experience in the food services and hospitality industry and with management positions for some of the largest catering company’s in the world, Ellis has a proven track record for success at the highest level.

In previous roles, Ellis has achieved positive results with his teams to exceed company goals and expectations. He has successfully managed multiple tenders and contracts of 60 plus million in value.

Ellis is consistently looking to develop and maintain member efficiency’s by keeping up to date with industry best practice and standards.

Save the Date

CCI Trade date:
16th of February 2017
Adelaide Entertainment Centre
All CCI Suppliers in the one location

Annual General Meeting

CCI Annual General meeting will be held at 9.00am on the 20th October 2017 at the CCI Office. Preliminary Notice and Nomination Form will be posted on our website shortly.

Upcoming tenders for CCI

Fruit and veg

CCI will be sending out Survey’s relating to these tenders via email.

SunTan Gloves & CCI


CCI is excited to announce we have partnered with Suntan Healthcare Products, to offer a cheaper glove alternative for our CCI members Suntan Healthcare Products Company is subsidiary of Handform Plastic Company

We provide direct service with high quality and low price which means you are buying from a manufacturer.

Click here to see their brochure.

Suntan offer:
Free delivery within 24 hours after order
Stock management and Automatic delivery
Quality warranty and unconditional change

For further information or pricing please contact Skye:
Skye Hutchins
CCI Business Development Manager
Phone: 1300 559 318
Mobile: 0447 773 601

Clear and Refreshing RTDs

Flavour Creations

Did you know that Flavour Creations ready-to-drink dysphagia range was reformulated earlier this year to coincide with the launch of the new Dysphagia Cup packaging? The range has improved clarity and taste, as well as no artificial colours or flavours. The enticingly clear and refreshing RTD’s have been a clear success!

For more information about the RTD range which features over 20 flavours in three standard viscosities, visit

Flavour Creations



PFD has what you need. PFD delivers the largest range of fresh seafood and meat together with frozen products and dry goods.

Once you become a PFD customer you can experience the benefits of ordering online. You can order products, manage your stock and see what's new and what's hot in Foodservice.

Please see PFD/CCI Member specials below.

PFD September Specials

037598 *#2K(6) 10mm Beer Battered Chips McCains

058665 *72 Combination Party Quiches Patties

020765 *#12(6) Large Spring Roll Marathon

037382 *1k(5) Braised Beef Tortellini Pre Cooked Casa Della

022435 *#9"X40 Garlic Bread Twin Loaf 5510 Aust Garlic Bread

018795 *#7k Gluten Free Rich Meat Gravy Mix Maggi

076209 *6pkx5 Golden Pancakes Tip Top

092520 *10k Long Grain Par Boiled Rice Tastic

074122 *10k Plain Muffin Mix Allied Mills

098483 *10k All In Mud Cake Mix Allied Mills



Products Recently Added To CCI Contract

075775 *25gmx60 (4) Mini Mixed Muffins Patisserie D’artiste

091024 *30gmx120 Preproof Danish Mixed Pastry House

077127 1lt(12) Uht Vanilla Custard Foster Clarke

036273 *#A10 (3) Crushed Tomatoes Australian Leggos


These CCI specials end 29 September 2017. To purchase please call PFD on 131 733.


$25K Cash Up For Grabs

Click here to view PFD's Moo Money promotion!

Lion Dairy

Lion Dairy

Lion Dairy has launched Yoplait Smooth in 100g servings, specifically for the health, aged care and community setting.

Yoghurt is a versatile and nutritious menu item for Health & Aged care residents.

Yoplait is Australia’s largest yoghurt brand and provides a variety of formats and flavours to suit different consumer needs.

However, Lion received feedback from health and aged care customers that regular Yoplait fruit products weren’t suitable for patients or residents with swallowing difficulties due to the presence of fruit pieces. Taking this feedback into consideration, Lion have now launched Yoplait smooth with Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla in each pack to avoid flavour fatigue:

35% Calcium RDI/ serve
Smooth Formulation
100g Tub Serving Size
Three flavours in each pack

Click here to view the Yoplait Smooth brochure.

Price rises:
You will see all suppliers will now have a price rise in place, due to a cream shortage in Australia. CCI has not had a price rise since 2015 and kept this increase to the minimum. Please note there have been no price rises affecting milk, so pricing for milk products has remained the same.

For further information or pricing please contact Skye:
Skye Hutchins
CCI Business Development Manager
Phone: 1300 559 318
Mobile: 0447 773 601



COS is your 100% Australian, privately owned office supplier. They are a unique and preferred supplier to many Australian businesses.

COS is active in their commitment to social and environmental causes with a large selection of eco-friendly products, along with an Indigenous Range — the sale of which supports Aboriginal communities.

With over 21,000 products available, their range includes:
General Stationery
Kitchen & Catering
Print & Promo Products
Furniture & Fitouts
+ much more

For the convenience of our CCI members we have created a dedicated registration link, where you can quickly open an account and begin ordering according to competitive CCI pricing. Click here to register.

To speak with someone at COS, please contact your local Senior Account Manager Steven Aspinall via, or by calling 0466 745 968.



CCI have negotiated an overall price reduction across the board of 2%, effective from 6 September 2017.

CCI continues to improve our cost savings and value adds for our members. Please look out for other value-adds for our members in coming months.

For further information or to find out your site's actual % in saving over your basket of goods, please don’t hesitate to contact Skye:
Skye Hutchins
CCI Business Development Manager
Phone: 1300 559 318
Mobile: 0447 773 601

Click here to view Holco's September specials.

CH2 Baremedical


For over 75 years, CH2 has been Enabling Australian Healthcare.

Click here to view CH2's Baremedical promotional brochure.

Staples - Winc


Staples is now officially trading as Winc.

The world is changing. For the better. It’s more dynamic, more networked and more connected.

We have everything your business needs today, plus solutions to help you make a difference tomorrow. It’s all in the one place and available wherever and whenever you need.

We’re with you all the way.

We are Winc

A few weeks ago, Staples announced to the market that they were changing from Staples Australia and New Zealand and building a new identity to meet the needs of your team both now and into the future.

Today, meet Winc.

Winc is their new breakout brand that will help them achieve their purpose of making working and learning more creative productive and fulfilling.




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