CCI has over 200 Not-For-Profit Member Organisations in South Australia and Victoria with expansion planned into New South Wales. We began as a co-operative in early 1976 to assist Uniting Church Agencies in their charity work. The initiative gathered momentum, and we began to help other Not-For-Profit organisations.

Today, CCI is very highly regarded by over 200 Not-For-Profit organisations. They are involved in aged-care, child-care, education, hospitals, disability and community-based agencies, and all manner of charitable operations whose purpose is the care and support of people in need.

Our principle objective is to use the group purchasing power of our members to broker highly-competitive, preferred-supplier contracts from reputable companies. We use a tender process to gain the maximum value for money, and apply strict standards of probity in acquiring the best products and services. We regularly monitor our suppliers' performance and their adherence to our terms and conditions of supply.

Currently, CCI Group Purchasing call for competitive tenders. These tenders represent over $31 Million, including: linen & laundry, dairy, fresh meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables, groceries, fruit juice, bread, nutrition, medical supplies, cleaning chemicals, washroom products, waste management, disposable plastics, office supplies, lighting, nutritional supplements and continence management.

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